Updated Instructions for Scholarship 2020 – Applications Due Apr 30th

In response to the COVID-19 situation, we have changed the application process for our 2020 scholarship.

Grade 12 students in Nova Scotia who plan to attend a post-secondary educational institution in the fall of 2020 are invited to apply. The main submission is a “Breaking News” story about Sable Island based on a real event in any time period. Put on your journalist hat and be creative!

The winning applicant will still receive $1000 towards their post-secondary education while helping Canadians connect with Sable Island and learn more about the Island’s cultural heritage and natural history. If the student is unable to use the scholarship award in 2020 due to COVID-19 we will honour it in 2021.

The application process no longer requires a formal transcript. We will accept a scan of the applicant’s most recent report card to confirm student status.

And we no longer require the application form to be approved and signed by the Principal or Guidance Counsellor.

And finally, all applications and supporting documentation must be submitted electronically by email. We will not accept applications sent by post this year.

The deadline for applications remains as 11:59pm on Thursday April 30, 2020.

Full details and the application form are available at Scholarship 2020.

Questions and submissions should be sent to