Six Ways to Visit Sable Island in 2018

Many people are interested in visiting Sable Island National Park Reserve in person. One of Parks Canada’s mandates is to provide visitor experiences in their parks. Friends of Sable Island support limited, minimum impact tourism to the island as a way to build awareness and support for the protection of this very special place in the world. Some people can care deeply about a place without visiting, while others need to feel the sand under their feet and the salty wind on their skin before they are hooked for life. J

Parks Canada is currently working with selected tour operators to limit tourist visits to day-trips only to minimize the impact on the island. A longer-term tourism approach is expected to be defined in the Park Management Plan within a year. We are aware of six ways to enjoy a visit to Sable Island this year. Please let us know if you hear of others.

    Kattuk Expeditions, based in N.S., has organized group day-trips by plane to Sable Island for $2,250 CDN per person plus HST. They offer a guided exploration of Sable Island, picnic lunch and rare opportunity to enjoy some time alone if desired. Dates are July 28, September 8, September 15 and October 6. https://www.kattukexpeditions.com/sableisland New this year is a helicopter-based trip planned for September 22 which has already sold-out. https://www.kattukexpeditions.com/sableislanhelicopter
    One Ocean Expeditions has organized two different cruises that include a stop at Sable Island: “Canada’s East Coast Golf Expedition: Fiddles and Sticks,” an eight-day trip from June 27 to July 4, stops at Sable Island on the seventh day. https://www.oneoceanexpeditions.com/canadas-east-coast/canadas-east-coast-golf-expedition “Canada’s East Coast Fins and Fiddles,” an 11-day trip from July 4-14 or from July 14-24, stops at Sable Island on the second day. https://www.oneoceanexpeditions.com/canadas-east-coast/canadas-east-coast For both cruises, the ship leaves from and returns to Louisbourg, N.S. Cabins start at $3,395 USD.
    Picture Perfect Tours, a N.S.-based photo tour company, has organized a one-day photo adventure by plane to Sable Island for $2,275 CDN per person plus HST. In addition to a guided tour with a professional photographer, guests enjoy a gourmet picnic lunch and receive a gift pack. Dates are June 9 (sold out), September 29, and October 27. http://pictureperfecttours.ca/tours/?id=1097
    Silversea Expeditions is offering a nine-day luxury cruise from September 18-26 with a stop at Sable Island on the eighth day. https://www.silversea.com/other-resources/find-port/s/sable-island.html The ship leaves from and returns to St. John’s, N.L. Cabins start at $7,740 CDN.
    You can still charter a plane to go to Sable Island for $6,907 CDN (price includes all taxes and fees) from Sable Aviation 44 60 Inc., the official fixed wing service provider to Sable Island. http://www.sableaviation.ca/ Departures are from the Halifax International Airport. There is currently a limit of five passenger seats on the plane and a maximum total weight limit based on the plane configuration (seats, people, personal effects). They are currently in the process of installing equipment that will increase the number of passengers up to seven, although the weight limit will still apply.
  6. BOAT
    If you have an ocean-worthy boat, or a friend with one, you can sail to Sable Island. You’ll still need to register with Parks Canada to come ashore so make sure you do this before leaving the mainland to avoid disappointment.

Current visiting regulations are available on Parks Canada’s website at https://www.pc.gc.ca/en/pn-np/ns/sable/visit/directions