SI2021-S01-Jan 15,2022: Hoofprints in the Sand – Abbie Branchflower

Free-roaming horses exhibit fascinating behaviours and live in complex societies. While the Sable Island horses are unique in many respects, able to live their lives free from the interference of humans or predators, they share several similar behavioural and social traits with other populations of horses. This presentation explores life as a Sable Island horse and briefly compares their existence with the artificially-managed Pryor Mountain Mustangs in Montana/Wyoming. 

About the presenter: Abbie Branchflower has conducted independent research and research for her Masters on the behaviour and ecology of the Pryor Mountain Mustangs. She visited Sable Island National Park Reserve for the first time in October 2021. Abbie is currently volunteering as Director of Education for Friends of Sable Island on the Board of Directors.

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You can watch Abby’s presentation below….