SI2019-C-2: The who & why of leisure travel to Sable Island NPR – Fred Stillman

Sable Island attracts different types of people with many different reasons for visiting.  After bringing guests to the island national park 12 times over the past 3 years, Fred Stillman of Kattuk Expeditions Limited has taken a keen interest in understanding the motivation and value people associate with visiting this magical place. He will explore the variety of reasons for visiting Sable: nature and wildlife viewing/education, photography, art, poetry, story telling, mystery, and lifelong dream. What makes people so intrigued by the island? What makes it so special to so many and why do people value visiting it so much?

Fred will also touch on why it is important to allow carefully managed visitation, how it benefits the island and all wildlife species there. “Building support one visitor at a time” is how Kattuk is aligning with Parks Canada, the Sable Island Institute and Friends of Sable Island to share their core values. He will show that the various reasons for visits create the necessary passion people have about Sable and how that helps keep it protected.