SI2019-C-1: Adventure of a Lifetime! Why visiting Sable Island by ship is so rewarding – Ree Brennin Houston

Travelling to Sable Island by ship used to be the only way you could get there. Now, with other options, it may be the best way to go. We think you’re “missing the boat” if you don’t visit Sable Island by sea. Come learn about what Adventure Canada, a well-managed, environmentally responsible adventure travel company, can offer in the way of amazing visitor experiences while safeguarding the fragile island ecosystems. A key piece of understanding Sable Island is to experience her beauty and bounty in the context of her natural setting – the offshore ocean habitats. Here you’ll see seals at play, seabirds, whales and dolphins of all kinds, and possibly other marine creatures such as sea turtles and ocean sunfish as we travel to and from the Island. It is the interplay between the rich marine ecosystems, unique island habitats, and the people who care so deeply about this place that make it a truly magical experience.