Show You Care About Sable’s Future – Let’s Talk Sable Island with Parks Canada

Parks Canada has launched a public consultation process seeking input on Sable Island’s future by November 30, 2018.

Let’s Talk Sable Island! is the first phase of public consultations in the development of the management plan for Sable Island National Park Reserve. This consultation will help establish Parks Canada’s overall direction and identify priorities for Sable Island. Using the input received, they will develop a draft plan for further review and input in 2019. A quick overview of the process with a two-minute virtual trip to Sable Island can be found in this video: https://www.facebook.com/SableIslandNPR/videos/477059246036828

Parks Canada has a dual and sometimes competing mandate to both protect and present Sable Island National Park Reserve. This consultation process is based on defining what is important and what should be done. Feedback is encouraged along these three main themes:

1. Managing for a healthy ecosystem: what do you value about the natural environment and what would you like to see prioritized?

2. Managing for sustainable visitation: what do you believe are the most important factors to consider about visitors and their experiences?

3. Sharing and connecting with Sable Island’s cultural and natural heritage: what are ways to share its heritage with more people?

Individuals are invited to share their thoughts at www.letstalksableisland.ca before November 30th using one or all of the following:
1.  Complete the survey
2.  Post your views in the three discussion forum themes (visitation, ecology, staying connected)
3.  Share stories (text and images) of what connects you to Sable Island
4.  Post ideas and vote on the ideas posted from others

For Facebook users, please like, follow and share posts from Parks Canada’s newly launched Facebook page @SableIslandNPR

We, as Friends of Sable Island, have provided input through a stakeholder workshop and will be submitting a group response on behalf of our membership. We also encourage everyone to submit their personal thoughts and views through the Let’s Talk Sable Island! website. Public interest can greatly influence the decisions made about this iconic and treasured island.

Show you care about the future of Sable Island as a National Park Reserve – participate in this consultation!