Shifting Sands – Sable Island Conference 2019 Recap

“Shifting Sands”, the third Sable Island Conference, was held in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia on Saturday November 9, 2019. Here’s a quick recap in photos. For more details see

Andy Fillmore, newly re-elected Member of Parliament for Halifax – including Sable Island – opened the conference and delivered the welcome address.

Attendees enjoyed an in-depth tour of Sable Island and the National Park Reserve from fourteen formal presentations covering topics grouped by natural wonders, cultural history, visitor experience, and park management. Presenters were mostly local to Nova Scotia and included four university students – the next generation of those who will care for Sable Island.

Exhibitors made the breaks more interesting with displays on current research by Dalhousie University’s Groundwater Lab, by Adventure Canada on how to travel to Sable Island, and with Parks Canada’s “green screen” technology that provided photographic evidence of a virtual trip to Sable.

And there were door prizes!

It was a memorable day of immersion in all things Sable Island with great feedback from attendees:

Marvelous – I learned so much more.

Loved the balance between science and cultural history! Keep up the great work!

Sessions were all interesting and easy to understand – not overwhelmed with scientific data.

Fantastic presentations! Excellent cross-section of topics. Learned so much today – thank you.

And last but certainly not least, a very special thank you to the many volunteers and supporters who made the day possible.