Sable Island Scholarship 2023

Friends of Sable Island Society is once again offering $2,000 in scholarships to Nova Scotia students completing Grade 12 in 2023 and pursuing post-secondary education. Our scholarship is offered annually to promote learning and awareness of Sable Island, Canada’s 43rd National Park Reserve.

Two prizes will be offered this year: $1,500 for the first place entry and $500 for the runner up.

In 2023, we are challenging applicants to research Sable Island’s human history prior to the Humane Establishment and create an accessible timeline of five to seven key events. The aim is to produce an engaging resource that can be used to teach the public about the human history of Sable Island. The final product should showcase the selected highlights in chronological order.

Applicants are encouraged to be creative and may choose to create a web page or poster. Alternatively, submissions may take the form of a series of newspaper “articles” reporting the chosen highlights.

We hope applicants will use our website for ideas, starting with “A Brief History of Sable Island“.

See the Application Form for more details. Submissions are due by 11:59pm on Monday April 24, 2023.

All work will remain the property of the applicant, however, the Society reserves the right to publish this content on our website, and potentially in print, with notice to the applicant.