Sable Island Scholarship 2019

Friends of Sable Island Society, in partnership with Parks Canada, was pleased to offer a $1,000 scholarship and a trip to Sable Island National Park Reserve in 2019 to promote learning and awareness of Canada’s 43rd National Park Reserve.

2019 Scholarship Award

Congratulations to Natalie Freeman of Millwood High School for the video ‘Sable Island: Graveyard of the Atlantic’. The video and reflective statement are below. They provide an interesting lesson about Sable Island and its many ship wrecks.

Thank you to everyone who made a submission.  We hope you learned something new and amazing about Sable Island in the process.

Natalie Freeman – “Sable Island: Graveyard of the Atlantic”

Reflective Statement

Growing up, Sable Island was always mystery to me. I read books that illustrated the island in vivid colours, and questioned how the wild horses had arrived to Sable Island. My answer at the time was magic, because what kid doesn’t want to believe that a magical island could be found a couple kilometers off the coast of Nova Scotia?

While I am no longer a kid, Sable Island amazes me in a new way. I realized magic was not the answer to Sable Island’s mysteries some time ago, though the research I put into this project gave me a new appreciation of how science and history affected the island. Sable Island is an important cultural landmark, a proud symbol of Nova Scotia that draws people into its wonder, including me.

In September, I will be on my way to Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax. I have some money saved for university, but any additional funds would greatly help me as I begin my journey into becoming a teacher.

I applied to the Friends of Sable Island Society scholarship because I wanted to share my interest and appreciation for Sable Island with others. In school, I always loved when teachers showed the class movies that gave me the opportunity to learn something new and interesting. Sable Island offers much to learn and share, and I like the idea that my winning scholarship video would pass along the magic of Sable Island.