Sable Island Scholarship 2018

In keeping with our mission to promote Sable Island through education, the Friends of Sable Island Society was pleased to again offer a $1,000 scholarship to a Nova Scotia student.

2018 Scholarship Award

Congratulations to Malcolm Sepulchre of Park View Education Centre in Bridgewater for his poem, “No Stranger I” that speaks to the history of Sable Island. The poem and reflective statement are below.

We would also like to give honourable mention to “My Old Man’s Determination” by Dylan Logan, and
“The Sliver of Paradise” by Silas Needler. Their submissions will be posted soon.

It was another tough year for the Selection Committee trying to decide on a winner.

Thank you to everyone who made a submission.  We hope you learned something new and amazing about Sable Island in the process.

Malcolm Sepulchre – No Stranger I

No stranger I to piling sand and rock,
The endless salty lashes of the sea;
I know the fins and wings that swarm and flock,
Likewise the beasts of burden now set free.

No stranger I to bowsprit, mast or sail,
Nor to the banners proud of distant kings;
I’ve heard the scunner’s cry, the foghorn’s wail,
The prayers of thanks the rescued sailor sings.

No stranger I to settlers’ hopes and toils,
Sent here from Lisbon, Bristol and Biscay;
I welcome still those who come not for spoils,
But read into the skies both night and day.

Though crops may ever wither in my sand,
My memories bloom eternal on the strand.

Reflective Statement

There are places on Earth where the threads of history seem to join together. Because of their location, their climate and resources, or events that have taken place there, these spots show themselves to us as front-row seats to the turning of the ages. Sable Island is undoubtedly one of them.

Like many Nova Scotian kids, I can’t recall a time before I knew of Sable Island. It holds a place of honour among those legendary parts of our landscape and history which give us a unique sense of pride. As a lifelong history buff, Sable Island particularly stands out to me as a testament to the Age of Sail, and a remarkable snapshot of the trials and tribulations of navigators and settlers over the centuries. We often wonder what tales the lands and monuments around which history has unfolded would tell us if they could speak. While I can’t claim
to speak for the dunes, I hope I’ve at least captured some of this wonder.

Starting in September, I’ll be attending the University of King’s College. I chose to study there for the same reasons I’m drawn to Sable Island: I want to dive into the depths of human history, especially as it manifests itself in distinct and fascinating stories. Though I’ve saved money over the years, family difficulties have made it such that I won’t have nearly enough to cover the various fees. As such, this scholarship would be a tremendous help, as well as a great honour.