Sable Island Scholarship 2013

In keeping with our mission to promote Sable Island through education, the Friends of Sable Island Society was pleased to award a scholarship to two Nova Scotia high school seniors. Unable to choose between the top two videos, we awarded two $500 scholarships this year in memory of Jack Dunlop, who was serving on the Board of Directors at the time of his death. Jack’s advice for board meetings was to keep them short but lively, and these videos reflect that philosophy well.

Congratulations to both Elizabeth Connors of Sydney Academy for “Facts About Sable Island” and Olivia Ledson of Avon View High School for “Sable Island”. Both videos along with their reflective statements are posted below and demonstrate a strong use of individual creativity while educating the viewer about what makes Sable Island such a special place. Thank you to everyone who took the time to make and submit a video about Sable Island. We hope you learned new and amazing things about the island in the process.

Elizabeth Connors

Facts About Sable Island- Reflective Statement

My video, Facts About Sable Island, was presented using a combination of images, voice recordings, and music. The intent was to provide the audience with interesting facts I have learned during my research of the island, prior to making the video. I decided that this was the best method to show the aspects of the island without actually travelling there.

I chose to use Images to visually present the characteristics of Sable Island. These Images were provided courtesy of Paul Illsley. In my opinion, one cannot learn about the island without viewing its beauty. Since I could not physically travel there to make a video, I used these Images. Images were chosen that show all of the aspects of the island, including the buildings, shorelines, wildlife, airplanes, and the drilling rigs.

The facts I chose were found during Internet research, and were derived from Wikipedia and Maritime Air Charters. This method was chosen to excite the audience, and teach them about various aspects of the Island. Different facts keep their interest. Rather than discussing one very long topic. I am a fact-orientated person, so I enjoyed making it as well. Instead of listing the facts on the screen, I chose to do a voice recording, this was to stimulate Interest and appeal to audio learners too.

Recording myself play the fiddle created the music. This was to provide an introduction and end to the video. It also makes the video more personal and unique tome.

I really enjoyed making this video, because I didn’t know that much about Sable Island. I learned some very interesting things, and maybe someday I will get to visit the island myself. This is why I used both audio and visual components-so that everyone get the most out of this video, and see Sable Island’s true charm.

Olivia Ledson

Sable Island Video Reflective Statement

In this video, I addressed many of the key elements that the wonderful, mysterious shores of Sable Island have to offer. I included a brief over look of the history of Sable Island, along with what currently is happening. I pointed out how I felt and what I thought of when I hear the words “Sable Island”. I portrayed the horrific shipwrecks, the exciting seals, the superb sand dunes, and finally the free spirits of the wild horses.

I felt it was very important to include some history of Sable Island. The shipwrecks reflect on the tragedies that had occurred many times. I was very surprised when I first found out that more than 350 shipwrecks happened due to this curved shape island. I believe that we will always remember the lives that were stolen by the dark waves of Sable Island, as it is a part of Nova Scotia history.

There are multiple species of unique creatures that call Sable Island their home. One, specifically, is the Grey seal. Sable Island is the world’s largest breeding colony to Grey seals along with a few other breeds, which is such a great aspect to the island. Sable Island is so diverse due to the fact that it is so natural and is the home to multiple animals and plants. It is also unique in the way of not having the invasion of the human population.

There are multiple dunes of pure rich sand which are taller than buildings in Halifax… These sand dunes have developed throughout the sandy base of Sable Island. I find it incredible to believe that these are some of the tallest dunes in the world.

Now my personal favorite part about Sable Island is… The wild horses! I love how they have the freedom to roam around the island however they want. Since they are not under a human influence they have the privilege to just be a horse; to be free, wild, passionate, and carefree. I support the rule of not allowing the public to have access to these horses as it has been that way for several decades. I feel that if the public could interact with these unique beings that it will change the lifestyle of these horses and not for the better. In my opinion I believe that they should stay free and wild. Very few animals, this day in age, have the opportunity to live as nature intended.

After seeing my presentation and reading my opinions I hope you can tell how passionate I am about this wonderful mysterious place. It is filled with history, diversity, and amazing creatures. This island absolutely deserves to be recognized and appreciated for all the aspects that it has offered in the past and that it has to offer in the future.