Sable Island Preservation Trust – The Story

Sable Island Preservation Trust was established as a non-profit, charitable organization in 1997 in response to Environment Canada’s announcement that it was closing the main station on Sable Island.  The founding members believed that a continuous human presence was essential for the long-term preservation of Sable Island.

After signing a lease agreement with the federal government, Sable Trust managed the island’s main station and continued the weather and other research and monitoring programs with direct and indirect funding of approximately $1 million per year from many public and private partners.   Sable Island was also designated as an Atlantic Coastal Action Program (ACAP) site under Environment Canada’s community-based program designed to help Atlantic Canadians restore and sustain watersheds and coastal areas.  Sable Trust administered the ACAP site, generating additional funding and attracting volunteers for preservation and education activities.

Recognizing that the lease agreement was a short-term solution for a continuous human presence on Sable Island, Sable Trust led a stakeholder meeting in 2003 to brainstorm long-term solutions and options for sustainable funding.  The first step in a long-term solution was to transfer responsibility for managing the main station back to the federal government.  This was completed in 2005.  Sable Trust continued to work with the Sable Island stakeholders to find a permanent solution.   The announcement in 2010 that Sable Island would become a National Park was welcome news.  With sustainable funding for the long-term human presence secured and managed by a willing and able arm of the federal government, Sable Trust was able to look ahead to the next challenge.

As a ‘Friends of’ group, working closely with Parks Canada, we can now focus on promoting research, developing and delivering education and interpretation programs, and giving voice and a means of action to the world-wide community of those who are passionate about this special place.   Please join us as a member to help protect and preserve Sable Island for generations to come.

The Sable Island story continues….