Sable Island Book Launch – Jun 6, 2023 – Halifax

Please join us for an in-person book launch of Sable Island Stories: Volume One on Tuesday June 6, 2023 at 7:00 p.m. ADT in the Auditorium at the Museum of Natural History (1747 Summer Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada B3H 3A6). We will start with a few special guest speakers and then break for a chance to socialize over beverages and nibblies. Attendees are invited to stay for our formal Annual General Meeting at 8:00 p.m.

This self-published tribute to Sable Island was our COVID-inspired project in 2020 when it became too difficult to pursue other activities. It’s a labour of love about her human history and impact on our understanding of natural history. Sable Island Stories: Volume One is a collection of articles, short stories, quick facts, poems and art. It’s an introduction to what makes the island so special – from people of all ages: Grade 12 students in Nova Scotia who applied for our scholarships; youth we hired to transcribe historical records about it; and, people from across Canada who care about this mystical place.

Where to Buy

The 134-page book is currently available on Amazon as an eBook for Kindle ($9.99 CAD) or a paperback ($20 CAD). If you don’t have an Amazon account you will need to create one to finish your order.

There will be paperback copies for sale at the event. Sable Island Stories: Volume One is also available at selected book stores in Canada including:

  • LaHave River Bookstore, 3421 NS-331, LaHave, Nova Scotia
  • Kentville Historical Society Heritage Centre, 66 Station Lane, Kentville, Nova Scotia
  • R D Chisholm Stationary and Books, 25 Webster Street, Kentville, Nova Scotia
  • G.R. Saunders Ltd / Saunders Tartans and Gifts, 9027 Commercial Street, New Minas, Nova Scotia
  • The Whirligig Books, Music & More, 142 Water Street, Shelburne, Nova Scotia
  • Our Mother’s Keepers, 74 Gerrish Street, Windsor, Nova Scotia


“There are places on Earth where the threads of history seem to join together. Because of their location, their climate and resources, or events that have taken place there, these spots show themselves to us as front-row seats to the turning of the ages. Sable Island is undoubtedly one of them.” – Malcolm Sepulchre (2018 Scholarship Winner)

“Did you know? It has always been difficult to grow trees on Sable Island due to the high winds and great levels of erosion, meaning that the residents relied on driftwood from wrecked vessels and coal shipped from the mainland to stay warm! There was a huge tree planting attempt in 1901, when thousands of trees were brought to Sable Island. Unfortunately, the attempt failed with only thirteen trees left in 1913 and one tree by 1927.” – Rebecca Cooke (2016, Archives Transcriber and Story-Teller)

“At the end of each day we gathered for the day’s debriefing and the mood amongst our group seemed electrically charged. We bonded with the joy and excitement of sharing our experience, forming new friendships with one another, and being friends of Sable Island. Renewed…, ready to go forth with hopefulness and commitment. That’s the power of Sable Island.” – Alison DeLory (2017)

“Sable Island will always be Sable Island if we don’t overdo it and do too much to help it, because what nature takes away from one place, it puts into another. So, all I can say is the people who think they are enjoying a good life by exploring all these different angles on Sable Island, leave nature to its own and it will look after itself. It will stay for a long, long, long while. Nature is nature.” – Aubrey Dauphinee (2018, at 91 years young)

All proceeds from sales of this book will support our charitable programs including an annual scholarship, ongoing transcription and story-collection from historical archives and lived experiences, and our bi-annual conference showcasing Sable Island and the National Park Reserve.

For more on our scholarship program see:

For more about our bi-annual conference see: for the upcoming Sable Island Conference 2023 or for information on our previous conferences.

We are finalizing Sable Island Stories: Volume Two and there is still room for a few more stories. If you have an item to share please send it to us at