Lesson Plan Fundraiser – Online Auction

Help us complete a set of lesson plans about Sable Island for students in Primary through to Grade 12!

We’ve partnered with Newfoundland-based Bartlett Auctions Inc. (https://bartlettauctions.com/) to raise funds to finish the development of a set of related and downloadable lesson plans to teach school children about the historical, environmental and scientific significance of Sable Island. These plans will form teaching units responding to outcomes in the Nova Scotia education curriculum. Educators outside Nova Scotia and around the world would also be welcome to download them for free.

The online auction features two gift certificates for $2,500 USD each towards an expedition cruise with Adventure Canada and a trilogy of graphite artworks, rendered by Nova Scotian artist Kaitlin Bauer. Bidding is open for national and international bidders and closes at 8pm NST on December 3, 2023.

Surprise a loved one with a trip to Sable Island in June 2024, or check this off your personal bucket list! Each $2,500 USD Travel Certificate is valid for any Adventure Canada expedition operated aboard Ocean Endeavour (excluding Antarctica). Certificates are not redeemable for cash and expire October 31, 2025. Adventure Canada’s Terms and Conditions apply. Please note: Adventure Canada expedition cruises begin at $3,995 USD; airfare, taxes, fees, and required expedition essentials are not included.

Lot 1: https://bartlettauctions.com/auctions/24554/lot/23538-2500usd-adventure-canada-travel-certificate

Lot 5: https://bartlettauctions.com/auctions/24554/lot/23542-2500usd-adventure-canada-travel-certificate

For more information on upcoming expeditions, visit Adventure Canada’s website at https://www.adventurecanada.com/

The artworks by Kaitlin Bauer are beautiful 14×18 inch black and white graphite drawings based on three donated images, each valued at $325 CAD (unframed). Kaitlin is a maritime-based artist and illustrator working in Nova Scotia. More about Kaitlin and her work can be found at https://kaitlinbauer.com/about-3. Consider bidding on one or all three!

Referencing original photograph “Sable Trilogy” by permission of Bev Pettit, Fine Art Photographer

Lot 2: https://bartlettauctions.com/auctions/24554/lot/23539-sable-trilogy-by-kaitlin-bauer

Bev Pettit is an award winning photographer specializing in wild horses in their natural habitats. “My photography has grown to be a personal expression of my deep connection and profoundreverence for the natural world, particularly for the captivating beauty found in wild horses. For me, wild horses embody a unique blend of power and gentleness that has captivated humanity for centuries. The thing that first attracted me to wanting to photograph these wild ones was their pure raw beauty and the story they tell of a world where nature still thrives untouched.” More about Bev can be found at https://www.bevpettit.com/aboutbev

Referencing original photograph “The Stallion, the Seagull and the Sea” by permission of Sandy Sharkey, Wildlife Photographer

Lot 3: https://bartlettauctions.com/auctions/24554/lot/23540-stallion-seagull-and-sea-by-kaitlin-bauer

Sandy Sharkey is a passionate wild horse advocate, photographer, writer and guest speaker. Sandy photographed ‘The Stallion, the Seagull and the Sea’ from a zodiac boat on the Atlantic Ocean, capturing the moment where a wild stallion was charging back to his family after chasing off another challenging stallion. His feathery escort was part of the action! More about Sandy and her work can be found at https://www.sandysharkey.com/about

Referencing original photograph “East Light” by permission of Natalie Tanner

Lot 4: https://bartlettauctions.com/auctions/24554/lot/23541-east-light-by-kaitlin-bauer

Natalie Tanner is a Board Member of Friends of Sable Island. “I have had a long-time love of wild horses, the arts, foreign cultures, history, poetry, and photography… A recent visit in 2022 allowed me to reconnect with that sense of wandering, of adventure and solitude that can bring joy to our hearts. This image captures one of these moments. Times have changed, the Island has changed, but one thing that has not changed is that Sable Island still returns the gift of a deep sense of calm and beauty that one can only find when left to explore the untamed, the unpredictable Island of sand in the North Atlantic Ocean.

Many thanks to Adventure Canada for their donation of the Travel Certficates and to Kaitlin Bauer for the stunning artwork!