Happy 1st Birthday Sable Island National Park Reserve

Thanks to everyone who braved the wet and windy night to help us celebrate the 1st anniversary of the Sable Island National Park Reserve!

We watched four videos that spanned almost 70 years. It was interesting to see what stayed constant and what changed over time – from the weather balloon launch, to the length of the island and the origin of the Sable Island horses. And many of the island management issues identified in the film from 1956 still exist today.

The internet links to most of the videos are included below. We encourage you to watch them (again)!

2013 Scholarship Video “Facts of Sable Island” by Elizabeth Connors https://sableislandfriends.ca/sable-island-scholarship-2013/

National Film Board’s “Sable Island” by Allan Wargon (1956) www.nfb.ca/film/sable_island

“Sable Island” – CBC’s Land and Sea (2013) www.cbc.ca/landandsea/2013/06/sable-island.html