Documentary in Progress – Rae-Anne Laplante

A new documentary is currently being shot on Sable Island!

Rae-Anne Laplante, a 22 year old video journalist from British Columbia, raised money for her documentary using the on-line crowd-sourcing website “Kickstarter”. The world-wide response was amazing! She received over $15,000 in donations from 133 people who wanted to make her big dream of filming the Sable Island horses come true. More information about her fund-raising campaign and the documentary can be found at: and

Follow Rae-Anne’s journey of discovery on Sable Island through her blog:

Help her realize her full dream by pre-ordering a copy of her video at:

Sable Island needs caring people like Rae-Anne to share their experience with those who can’t visit it themselves. This is how we can all help protect Sable Island for future generations – by supporting those with a passion for bringing its story to others.