SI2017-D-4: A Sable Island Son: Captain James Augustus Farquhar – Susan Demmons

(great-granddaughter of Captain Farquhar)

Captain James Augustus Farquhar (1842-1930) was a master mariner and captain in the late 19th and early 20th century Nova Scotia known for his success in sail, steam, sealing and salvage. Perhaps his greater claim to fame in many people’s eyes, was that he grew up from the age of 7 until he turned 20, living as the son of the east point lighthouse keeper on Sable Island. The lessons learned and the adventures he experienced on Sable formed the foundation for a life of risk, and high seas drama. This presentation will be a glimpse into life on Sable Island by one who lived many years there and recorded his memories in a book called Farquhar’s Luck.