SI2017-B-2: Visiting Sable Island – three perspectives – Jill Martin, Alison DeLory, Terry Hennigar

First time on the dune, family summers in the 70s, and historical perspective of habitation

Within our culture, it is each generation’s duty to keep alive the story of those iconic places in our nation’s history as well as unique geography. Since 1801, Nova Scotia has protected Sable Island in order to preserve its wildlife and protect this fragile sandbar for the enjoyment of future generations. Due to the positive reputation of Friends of Sable Island Society and strong public interest, Sable Island’s story is one of continued interest in Canada and indeed the world. Alison DeLory is the neophyte, representing those people who dream of going to the island. Terry Hennigar is one of a handful whose families lived on the island for many summers while conducting scientific studies on the amazing freshwater lens beneath the island in the middle of the North Atlantic. Jill Martin’s story is the historical perspective which began as the story of her family who lived on the island when lifesaving was the primary activity. Their separate but ultimately similar stories serve to instill a love of this unique natural and historical gem and the will to preserve it forever.