SI2023 – B-4 – Fotographing Failures – Camera Tips for Sable Island – Geordie Mott

Howling winds, a minimum 20 m distance from wildlife to maintain, trekking through the hot sun, bright overhead sunlight, and a whirlwind of sand are some of the challenges for visitors looking to create memorable photos on an adventure to Sable Island National Park Reserve. 

The island is unique in its beauty – and unrelenting in the challenges it presents when capturing that beauty. Whether you have a smartphone or a cutting-edge camera, there are a few things you should be prepared for when photographing on Sable Island. 

We have been leading tour groups to Sable for over 6 years in all types of conditions photographing the wildlife, landscape, people, and the experience of visiting Sable. From all of our trial and error, we have 5 practical tips to share with you on how you can overcome the challenges of photographing in this unique environment so you can create stunning images during your once-in-a-lifetime adventure. 

Join us to learn these tips, and more, while asking any specific camera questions you may have before visiting Sable Island NPR.

Geordie Mott is the owner and tour director for Picture Perfect Tours in Halifax and has been leading tours to showcase the beauty and history of Sable Island since 2017. Geordie has a unique connection to the island in that his family were former superintendents of Sable Island during WWI. Before starting Picture Perfect Tours he was a professional photographer and was a graduate of NSCAD with degrees in photography and art history.