SI2023 – A15 – Highlights from the Fog And Turbulence in the Marine Atmosphere 2022 field campaign – Rachel Chang

Sable Island has long been known as the “Graveyard of the Atlantic”, in part because of dense
and sustained fog that often forms in the region. This fog, made up of liquid droplets suspended
in the atmosphere, reduces the visibility and makes navigation challenging. The conditions that
lead to fog formation, maturation, visibility, and dissipation, are all still poorly predicted in
weather models. This is because of the many complex interactions that take place between the
atmosphere and ocean, and over 14 orders of magnitude. In 2022, the Fog And Turbulence in the
Marine Atmosphere (FATIMA) team conducted a field study on Sable Island from July 1 – 31, as
well as a research cruise on the Scotian shelf and Grand Banks. The study involved dozens of
researchers from American and Canadian institutions. Highlights from the Sable Island portion
of the study will be presented.