Sable Island, Nova Scotia, Canada

Sable Island, now a Canadian National Park Reserve, is one of those places that you can’t forget once you have learned about it. The Island captures your imagination with its impossible stories of survival, and your heart with its wildness. It’s an international treasure that few people have the chance to visit because of its geographic location and the transportation challenges. Those who have set foot on the fine white sand find themselves subtly changed forever. We hope that this website will give you the sense of having experienced some of the historical, environmental and scientific significance of this unique place.

Grains of Sand

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Sable Island

Sable Island National Park Reserve is a 42-kilometre stretch of sand located approximately 290 kilometres southeast of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. It is home to many species of animals and plants including between 150 and 550 wild horses which were introduced sometime shortly after 1738. The Island is also home to many birds, including small numbers of the threatened Roseate Tern, and is the only breeding ground of the rare Ipswich Sparrow. Also living on Sable Island is the largest congregation of breeding Grey Seals and a small resident population of Harbour Seals.

There has been a continuous human presence on Sable Island since 1801 when the colonial government in Nova Scotia founded a lifesaving establishment to reduce the suffering and loss of life and cargo that resulted from the frequent shipwrecks on and near Sable’s shores. There have been an estimated 350 shipwrecks near the Island, the most recent being in 1999, earning Sable Island the title “Graveyard of the Atlantic”.

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Learn more about the amazing variety of life sustained on this sandbar including the iconic Sable Island Horses.



The natural wonders of Sable Island attract those who wish to understand our changing world.


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People have been visiting the Island for more than five centuries and are inspired to share their experiences.


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The Friends of Sable Island Society is a non-profit organization whose mission is the long-term preservation of Sable Island. We implement education programs including an annual scholarship, support and promote research mainly through the bi-annual Sable Island Conference, and collect and preserve Sable Island’s rich history. We create a community of support by attracting members, and form partnerships with compatible organizations to promote and protect Sable Island. And we advocate for the island primarily as a champion for the Sable Island National Park Reserve to facilitate its success.

You can contribute toward the preservation of Sable Island in any number of ways – by learning more about Sable Island, sharing what you know with us and others, becoming a member, volunteering with us or participating in any of our events. 

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